Mini Plant Challenge – sensor kit

Mini Plant Challenge – sensor kit

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Cultivate your love of STEM with the Mini Plant Challenge and sensor kit!

A green thumb’s dream, this kit comes with an online mini challenge aligned to Level 4 of the NZ Curriculum. We will email this to you once you've completed your order.

Over the course of 4–6 weeks, your ākonga will trial, design and innovate a controlled hydroponic system to grow microgreens – all to answer the ultimate question:

I wonder how to grow food sustainably?

What's included in the sensor kit?

  • 4 x LED display modules
  • 4 x Battery holder
  • 4 x Main board
  • 1 x Humidity sensor
  • 1 x Light sensor
  • 1 x Conductivity sensor
  • 1 x Temperature sensor

To complete your crop, you’ll need to source:

  • 12 x AAA batteries
  • Microgreen seeds
  • Grow mat (paper towels, cotton balls, hemp or coconut coir)
  • Plastic containers with lids
  • Recyclable materials to create a greenhouse prototype (cardboard, plastic sheets)
  • Large clear plastic bags/sheets
  • Classroom equipment like scissors, tape and hot glue guns